Transitional Justice tools to address historically rooted antigypsyism in Europe

CHACHIPEN Strategic Visioning Exercise
How can transitional justice tools address historically rooted antigypsyism? What can we learn from transitional justice experiences with truth and reconciliation commissions around the globe? What could be applied and to which chapters of the dark history of antigypsyism? These and other topical questions have been addressed during the Strategic Visioning Exercise convened by CEPS.

The event brought together leading scholars and practitioners working on Roma, transitional justice tools, anti-racism and non-discrimination around the world. This hybrid event took place on 23 June 2022, as part of the CHACHIPEN project.

This event outlined the existing potential as well as the key areas for further deliberation on how exactly to approach European Roma transitional justice mechanisms. For instance, ideas have been shared on how to go about the complexity of the EU institutional system. The participants have stressed the need for consensus building within and among European Roma civil society, academia, other wider civil society networks human rights and other international bodies. The participants highlighted the role of research, knowledge co-creation and education, as to recognise and acknowledge the past. In this context, the participants have reached the consensus on the importance of testimonies of victims and survivors, that they are the ones to be at the core of any transitional justice initiative.


Please find the full summary by Viktoria Schnick and Lina Vosyliūtė, here.


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