Online platform for the fight against antigypsyism

This web platform presents the "Reference Paper on Antigypsyism", the European project "CHACHIPEN" and the work of the Alliance against Antigypsyism which is hosting this platform.

Reference Paper on Antigypsyism

The document ‘Antigypsyism – a reference paper’ proposes a working definition of antigypsyism, that reflects a broad but systematic understanding of the phenomenon.

Chachipen Project

CHACHIPEN – Paving the way for Truth and Reconciliation Process to address antigypsyism in Europe: Remembrance, Recognition, Justice and Trust-Building.

Alliance against Antigypsyism

The Alliance against Antigypsyism is an occasional coalition of organizations that promote equality of rights for Roma, and the fight against antigypsyism.

Activities & News

The killing of my family haunts me until today

In a murder series in the years 2008 and 2009 six Roma were killed in Hungary and a few dozen injured. Four Neo-Nazis were identified as the perpetrators and sentenced, however, it was never clear, if there werent other people involved.
The testimony from Ildiko Györgyne Jakab sheds light on the devastating consequences and the PTSD people suffer still today.

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Transitional Justice tools to address historically rooted antigypsyism in Europe

How can transitional justice tools address historically rooted antigypsyism? What can we learn from transitional justice experiences with truth and reconciliation commissions around the globe? What could be applied and to which chapters of the dark history of antigypsyism? These and other topical questions have been addressed during the Strategic Visioning Exercise convened by CEPS.

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