Online platform for the fight against antigypsyism

This web platform presents the "Reference Paper on Antigypsyism", the European project "CHACHIPEN" and the work of the Alliance against Antigypsyism which is hosting this platform.

Reference Paper on Antigypsyism

The document ‘Antigypsyism – a reference paper’ proposes a working definition of antigypsyism, that reflects a broad but systematic understanding of the phenomenon.

Chachipen Project

CHACHIPEN – Paving the way for Truth and Reconciliation Process to address antigypsyism in Europe: Remembrance, Recognition, Justice and Trust-Building.

Alliance against Antigypsyism

The Alliance against Antigypsyism is an occasional coalition of organizations that promote equality of rights for Roma, and the fight against antigypsyism.

Activities & News

German Independent Commission on Antigypsyism 2019 – 2021

Experiences, lessons learned and recommendations regarding the Independent Commission on Antigypsyism in Germany [Unabhängige Kommission Antiziganismus]. Chachipen has produced four country reports that provide the evidence and baseline for the calls for a larger debate on transitional justice.

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