Hybrid event in Sweden: Roma rights and the fight against antigypsyism

Hybrid Event on 09 December 2022, 9.00-13.00 CET (Södertörn University Sweden & Online)
9 December 2022: Launch of the national report on Sweden, ‘Considering the Swedish Commission Against Antigypsyism 2014-2016: Experiences, lessons learned and recommendations

The Swedish Commission against Antiziganism has frequently been cited as a promising example of how governments could take responsibility to address the history of antigypsyism and to raise awareness about Roma rights. We invite you for a more nuanced discussion – what has this Commission managed to achieve? What have been the weaknesses? And what can we learn? At this event, we will launch the CHACHIPEN report on Sweden Considering the Swedish Commission against Antiziganism 2014-2016′

Experts from Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden, as well as, those working at the European level, will be presenting their experiences in the fight against historically-rooted antigypsyism and political processes around the promotion of Romani rights. Roma and non-Roma academics, lawyers, representatives of the Swedish government and Roma civil society will further discuss the potential of setting up dedicated Antigypsyism Commissions among the other transitional justice tools to address the darkest chapters of the Roma past and ongoing antigypsyism.

This event falls within the framework of the European Union’s funded project ‘Paving the way for Truth and Reconciliation Process to address antigypsyism in Europe: Remembrance, Recognition, Justice and Trust-Building’. Project is abbreviated as ‘CHACHIPEN’, meaning ‘truth’ in the Romani language. CHACHIPEN aims to address historically rooted antigypsyism and its legacies by employing transitional justice approaches and tools, such as, for example, truth and reconciliation commissions.


  • Soraya Post, City of Gothenburg, Sweden/ former Member of the European Parliament and member of the Swedish Commission against Antiziganism
  • Dr. Mehmet Daimagüler, Commissioner against Antigypsyism of the German Federal Government
  • Dr. Jan Selling, Södertörn University, CHACHIPEN Swedish expert
  • Dr. Marko Stenroos , Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
  • Sunita Memetovic , Defence lawyer, human rights activist in Sweden
  • Dr Solvor Lauritzen, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society
  • Hans Caldaras, Romani Elder, author, singer and human rights activist in Sweden
  • Thomas Hammarberg, Swedish MP/ Former Head of the Swedish Commission against Antiziganism
  • Isabela Mihalache, European Roma Grassroots Organisations (ERGO) Network


  • Dr Sergio Carrera, Senior Research Fellow/ Head of Justice and Home Affairs Unit, CEPS – Introducing Chachipen project


The event on 9 December 2022, 09.00 – 13.00 CET is open to the public, hybrid (online webinar) and it will also be broadcasted on CEPS Youtube Channel. The conference will offer Swedish/English translation.     

If you are interested to attend the event in person, please contact Valeria Redjepagic, at valeria.redjepagic@sh.se.

This hybrid event is free and open to the public but registration is mandatory. Once registered, you will receive instructions on how to join this event virtually.


This project is funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020) and  counts with a kind contribution from the German Federal Foreign Office.

Livestream of the Webinar

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