Recommendations to combat antigypsyism in future EU and national policies

Policy Statement of the Alliance against Antigypsyism
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The Alliance against Antigypsyism has recently published two policy papers, putting forward recommendations to combat antigypsyism in future EU and national policies, as well as concrete measures to combat antigypsyism.

The two policy papers promote a comprehensive approach to combat antigypsyism in all its dimensions and manifestations. They offer guidance that can be used to develop the EU post-2020 Roma Framework and renewed national Roma policies. They aim to inspire EU institutions, as well as EU Member States and enlargement countries, to adapt or renew their policies aiming to ensure equality for Romani communities. It is essential to prioritise the fight against antigypsyism in the post-2020 EU Roma Framework, as well as transpose it at the national level.

These papers are a result of the work led by the European Roma Grassroots Organisations (ERGO) Network, Central Council for German Sinti and Roma and European Network against Racism, with inputs of more than 25 other Roma and pro-Roma organisations and individual experts.

Combating antigypsyism in the post-2020 EU Roma Framework: Policy Recommendations

Developing measures to combat antigypsyism after 2020: Guidance for European and national stakeholders




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