The Alliance against Antigypsyism is an occasional coalition of organizations that promote equality of rights for Roma. The aim of the Alliance is to advance a better understanding of antigypsyism as the specific racism towards Roma, Sinti, Travellers and other groups that are routinely stigmatized as ‘gypsies’ in Europe’s public domain.

The Alliance against Antigypsyism acts as the publisher of the reference paper, which proposes a working definition of antigypsyism. The rationale behind this paper is that the current lack of a common understanding of the scope, depth and implications of antigypsyism hinders the formulation of effective answers to tackle it. The reference paper in no way intends to conclude the debate about the nature and implications of antigypsyism, but aims to raise awareness of its characteristics and scope among a wider circle of policy and decision makers.

Members of the Alliance

Drafting Party