Membership conditions

The Alliance against Antigypsyism is an occasional coalition of organisations that aims to raise awareness of antigypsyism and promote a common understanding of its characteristics, practices and implications. The Alliance acts as publisher of the document ‘Antigypsyism – a reference paper’ (hereafter “Paper”) and undertakes actions to disseminate and promote it.

The Alliance against Antigypsyism is the copyright holder of the Paper, which is published under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0. Any revisions of the paper will be solely made through a ‘tacit acceptance procedure’, directed by an editorial committee composed of the members of the drafting party of the Paper, with equal rights for all members of the Alliance.

As member of the Alliance against Antigypsyism, your organisation

* endorses the content of the Paper;
* will respect the licensing conditions;
* must – when using or distributing the paper in any electronic form – include a reference to the website of the Alliance:
* may identify itself as member of the Alliance;
* may use and disseminate the Paper, only in its original form, including disclaimers and publishers note;

For the purpose of promoting the Paper, the Alliance may

* publish the name, and country and city of registration of your organisation on the website and through other electronic channels, including email and social media;
* mention the name of your organisation to promote the Paper.

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