Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly highlights importance that national parliamentarians mobilize against antigypsyism

paceThe Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted on 27 January 2017 a resolution titled “Promotion the inclusion of Roma and Travellers” (Resolution 2153 (2017)), which greatly stresses the need to fight against antigypsyism. The resolution was based on a report of the German Parliamentarian Tobias Zech, in the function as the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination Rapporteur.

The resolution highlights in particular the role of parliamentarians and political leaders in the fight against antigypsyism:
Finally, the Assembly invites national parliaments to mobilise against anti-Gypsyism and all forms of racism and intolerance, in particular through participating in networks such as the No Hate Parliamentary Alliance.

Download the resolution (PDF)
Download the report (PDF)

Website on the report and resolution